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A Commercial Building Contractor You Can Trust in Fort Wayne. We provide commercial building services in new construction, renovations, and additions.

Commercial Build Outs and Remodeling

Commercial Build Outs and Remodeling

Commercial Building Repairs

Commercial Building Repairs

Looking & Feeling Brand New

If you own a commercial property, you must be well aware of the fact that commercial building renovation plays an important role in the growth of your business. As Fort Wayne General Contractor, our commercial building services can help you take a step towards the success of your business.

Commercial property construction or renovation requires professional help. This is to ensure that the structure adheres to building codes and standards in Fort Wayne. Additionally, professional contracting services will ensure the project is completed correctly and on time.

We, at Eagle Contracting Inc., deliver what we promise. We focus on details and are committed to excellence. We supply the materials, equipment, labor, and services that are required for the completion of your commercial project. A commercial renovation can help in making your business more efficient. Whether you are looking to expand your office area or increase more features to the already existing space, we can help you through it all.

Working with several suppliers can be a difficult and unmanageable task. We are a full-service general contractor serving Northeast Indiana. We value time and money. We have an experienced team that has the knowledge for coping up with unpredictable downtimes. Meeting deadlines and delivering what we promised is important to us.

We guide our team to continue working regardless of sudden setbacks so that the renovations run smoothly. Once you contact us, we provide you with a quote so that you can take a step towards the success of your business. 

Why choose Eagle Contracting?

We provide an integrated approach to the building process through our commercial building services. Oftentimes, we start at inception, when an owner is still considering the idea of an expansion or new construction in Fort Wayne.  An early partnership between the owner and Eagle Contracting, along with project architects and engineers, results in a collaboration set up to focus on common goals, plan for the effective use of time and resources, and allow for all parties to easily communicate desired changes or concerns and immediately exchange ideas and solutions.

A business is never stable. As the business grows, the flow and objectives of an organization keep changing. We believe that commercial renovation is important to improve the efficiency and productivity of a business. Upgrades like installing cooling and heating systems, adding more features according to the business requirement, and simply expanding the office space can contribute immensely towards the success of a business. We can help you make these changes and bring your vision to life.

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